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How to  Register

Register for our events using the registration link 

on this website or sent to members by email. 

The landing page includes the details specific to this event such as the menu.

All registrations are confirmed when successfully submitted and by email.  If you do not receive an immediate confirmation and an email confirmation, it did not go through.   Register again or contact the club office if you continue to have trouble.

At the meeting, be sure to check in at the registration desk and sign the attendance sheet so that we have proof of your attendance.

Registration & Event Policies

Registration Deadline


The registration deadline is
Noon on Monday
prior to the meeting. 

No late registrations are accepted.  

No to-go orders at the meeting.  You must order your meal to-go in advance due to Pima County Health Department Regulations.


Registrations are confirmed upon completion and by email.


If you don't receive a confirmation, try again or contact the club office for assistance. 


Registration fees are due for no shows and cancellations made after the reservation deadline.  Cancellations are accepted before the deadline without penalty. 

Meal selection not guaranteed for late arrivals and walk-ins.


Walk-ins will be seated at 6:50 pm on a first-come first-served basis only if there are no-shows.  

Meals may not be taken to-go unless requested in advance per Health Department regulations.


Program, format, speakers & menus are subject to change.


Payment does not constitute a registration, always register.


Dietary restrictions are accommodated upon request, in advance.  Use the Note box or contact the club office.



2024 Fees

CE Registration Fees


Members & Sponsors
by check/cash/Zelle:  $90
by Paypal: $95


Guests/Nonmembers  by by check/cash/Zelle:  $145

by Paypal:  $150

Walk-ins:  Add $10

Underpaid CE fees will be added to your account and invoiced at the end of the year.  


Avoid the Paypal premium by submitting your payment by check, Zelle (or pay cash at the door)



CE Payment Options 

PDSC accepts checks, cash, Zelle and Paypal payments.

Cash payments are accepted at the event registration desk.  

Zelle payments can be directed to us at

Check   Make your check out to PDSC then mail it or bring it to the meeting.



Submit payment to 

or go through your Paypal account and submit to us at


Note:   PayPal collects a fee of 3.49% + $0.49 for each ticket sold or transaction conducted, and Constant Contact collects an additional processing fee of 2.5% + $0.50 for each ticket sold or transaction conducted.  Total fees will amount to 5.99% + $0.99 for each ticket sold or transaction conducted.   

Paypal fees are always paid by PDSC whether you pay through registration, your own Paypal account or the link on the website.   

Avoid the platform processing fee charged through the registration system by making your Paypal payment through your own Paypal account or the link on the website.  Be sure to pay the Paypal CE rate not the cash/check/Zelle rate.

Paypal and platform fees are subject to change without notice and are automatically applied to payments.

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